Top 300+ trending and beatiful muslim girls name list with meaning ( A to Z )


Choosing a name for a child is one of the most important decisions parents make. A meaningful name can have a positive impact on a child’s life. In Islam, it’s recommended to choose names with good meanings. Below, we present a comprehensive list of Muslim girls’ names, their meanings, and some frequently asked questions to help guide you in selecting the perfect name for your daughter.

300+ Muslim Girls Names with Meanings

Here, we provide a detailed list of Muslim girls’ names starting from A to Z, along with their meanings.

Muslim Girls Names Starting with A

AabirOdors, Fragrance, Scent
AabisProsaic, Forceful
AadabHope, Need
AadiyaBeginning, Strength
AaemaLeader, Plural of Imam
AaeraStrengthened, Honest, Respectful
AaezaBeautiful, Intelligent, Fearless
AafiaHealthy, Passionate
AafraShade of Earth
AafyaKind, Calm
AahanaGlory, Shine
AaiatVerse from the Quran
AaidaPrize, Illustrates
AasifaTo Arrange
AailaLike the Moon
AaimaSovereign, Authority
AariaDignified, Compliant
AalaaHighest Quality
AaliaElevated, Sublime
AalmaNurturing the Soul
AalyaSublime, Ascend
AamalIn Motion
AaminaSafety, Protection
AamnaCaring, Honest
AamraGuider, Princess
AanamBlessings of Allah
AaniaAhead, Orientation
AaqilaWise, Noble
AarfaHigh, Great
AasfaSafety, Protector
AayzaGift of Allah

Muslim Girls Names Starting with B

Name Meaning
Bareera Wise, Pious, Virtuous
Badia Unique
Badriya Full Moon
Bahameen Spring
Batool Pure
Basimah Smiling
Benazir Incomparable, Matchless
Beena Clearance
Bismah Polite, Kind
Bilquis Queen of Sheba
Bismal Fragrance
Bida Incomparable
Bahiya Beautiful
Bushra Good News
Buqaryah Narrator of Hadith
Burakhdat Flashy
Busayrah Companion’s Name
Burhan Proof, Evidence

Muslim Girls Names Starting with C

Name Meaning
Caliana Princess
Chadia Courteous
Chandni Light of the Moon
Ceyda Beautiful Woman

Muslim Girls Names Starting with D

Name Meaning
Dania God is my judge
Daneen Princess
Dahiala Attractive
Dua Devotion
Dariya Learned
Dasia Daisy Flower
Dunya World
Dami Wise, Noble

Muslim Girls Names Starting with E

Name Meaning
Eshaal Flower of Paradise
Elizah Noble, Special
Emily Rose
Eiman Faith, Religion
Eva Loves Life
Eiliyah Beautiful, Loves Allah
Emma Total
Emira Princess
Elisha Path, Life
Esita Wished

Muslim Girls Names Starting with F

Name Meaning
Fatima Captivate
Fiza Wide, Open-hearted
Faiza Winner, Achiever
Fabeha Lucky, Charming
Farheen Happiness, Joy
Farzana Noble, Wise
Faria Glorious Lady
Farha Charming, Beautiful
Fareeha Joyful
Faryal Joy, Saint
Farhana Joyful
Farida Unique
Feeha Flower of Jannah
Fahmida Wise
Fajr Morning Prayer
Fahima Understanding
Faiqa Genius
Farwa Wealth
Farishta Angel
Freya Kind, Beloved

Muslim Girls Names Starting with G

Name Meaning
Geti Flower
Gazala Intelligent, Charming
Ghania Rich
Ghazal Poem
Ghusan Tree Branches
Gulnaz Flower
Ghizlan Gazelle
Ghasia View of the Heart
Ghazia Successful Girl
Gul Afshan Flower

Muslim Girls Names Starting with H

Name Meaning
Habibah Beloved
Hania Happy
Hafsa Prophet’s Wife
Haram Wise
Hamna Fruit Name
Haifa In Good Shape
Hana Happiness
Hira Revelation Place
Heer Power, Riches
Hina Fragrance, Celebration
Haya Shy
Halima Soft-hearted, Kind
Hajra To Emigrate
Huda Right Path
Hunsa Beautiful
Hiba Special Gift
Hafeezah Protector of a Book
Hameedah Worth
Hanifah Believer
Haseena Pretty

Muslim Girls Names Starting with I

Name Meaning
Iffa Pious
Ifra Improvement
Inaya Allah’s Gift
Inbihaj Happiness
Irsa Rainbow
Iqra Read
Isbah Light
Isma Protecting
Irha Gift of Allah
Ilham Inspiration
Insiya Doesn’t Forget
Isha Path of Life
Iram Heaven, Paradise
Ishal Flower of Heaven
Izma Honor
Izzah Power
Intisar Triumph
Insha To Be Revealed

Muslim Girls Names Starting with J

Name Meaning
Jannat Paradise
Jabeen Smiling Face
Jawaria Spreads Happiness
Jehan World
Jemima Dove
Jamia Author
Janan Soul
Jaisha Sharpness
Jalilah Poetry, Illustrious
Jaseena Beautiful Heart
Jazmine Flower
Jumana Pearl

Muslim Girls Names Starting with K

Name Meaning
Kainat World
Kabira Big
Kasha Miracle
Kiara Something Black
Khadija Early Baby
Khalida Deathless
Khola Able
Khalwat Solitude

Muslim Girls Names Starting with L

Name Meaning
Laiba Beautiful Hoor of Heaven
Laila Night
Liza Devoted to Allah
Lyana Soft, Gentle

Muslim Girls Names Starting with M

Name Meaning
Maira Admirable
Mahira Skilled
Maryam Pious
Muntaha High Place
Mehwish Beautiful
Manal Attainment
Mirha Light of Allah
Mahjabin Moon
Musfirah Bright Face
Maha Wild Cow
Maysha Happy for Life

Muslim Girls Names Starting with N

Name Meaning
Naira Full of Shine
Neha Loving
Noor Shining
Namar Mountain Name
Nisha Power
Nayab Rare
Naima Blessed
Nazli Nice
Najma Precious
Nigar Picture
Nadia Honorable
Nargis Flower
Nusrat Victory
Namira Little Woman
Nawal Gift

Muslim Girls Names Starting with O

Name Meaning
Oamina Faithful, Trustworthy
Oamra Moon
Ojalah Light of the Universe

Muslim Girls Names Starting with P

Name Meaning
Parveen Cluster of Stars
Parishey Beautiful
Pari Gul Row of Flowers

Muslim Girls Names Starting with Q

Name Meaning
Qadira Powerful
Qamara Moon
Qirat Recite Quran
Qaila Convincing

Muslim Girls Names Starting with R

Name Meaning
Rabia Breeze
Rida Virtuous
Razia Calmness
Reena Gem, Pearl
Rehana Perfume
Reshma Silk
Riza Approval
Rana Delighted
Rida Leader
Rida Virtuous

Muslim Girls Names Starting with S

Name Meaning
Saira Bird
Sana Brightness
Sania Radiant
Sadaf Shell, Oyster
Salma Safe
Samira Entertaining Companion
Seema Face
Sadia Princess
Salwa Consolation
Samreen Fruitful
Sanah Radiance
Sheema Motherly
Shifa Healing
Shamim Fragrant
Suhana Pleasant
Sumera Brownish
Shazia Rare
Saniya Splendid
Samiya Lofty
Samia Exalted

Muslim Girls Names Starting with T

Name Meaning
Tasnim A Spring in Paradise
Tahirah Chaste
Tabassum Smiling
Tehmeena Intelligent
Tehmina Power
Tabinda Bright
Tasneem A Fountain of Paradise
Tanveer Radiance
Tehmina Strong
Tania Fairy Queen

Muslim Girls Names Starting with U

Name Meaning
Uzma Great
Umaima Young Mother
Uzaira Joy
Urooj Ascend
Ulfat Love, Affection
Urfa Flower Name
Uroosa Happiness
Uzma Great
Unsa Love
Uzaira Joy

Muslim Girls Names Starting with V

Name Meaning
Vahida Unique
Vardah Rose
Venetia Blessed

Muslim Girls Names Starting with W

Name Meaning
Wardah Rose
Wafa Faithful
Wajiha Honorable
Waniya Beautiful Gift
Warda Rose
Wiam Harmony
Wahida Unique

Muslim Girls Names Starting with Y

Name Meaning
Yasmin Jasmine Flower
Yumna Fortunate
Yasira Rich, Prosperous
Yusra Ease, Prosperity
Yameen Oath
Yara Friend

Muslim Girls Names Starting with Z

Name Meaning
Zainab Father’s Adornment
Zara Princess
Zoya Alive, Loving
Zain Beauty, Grace
Zaiba Adorable
Zohra Venus, Flower
Zahra Beautiful
Zina Beauty
Zuha Forenoon
Zakia Chaste, Pure


Choosing a name is a joyous occasion and a significant responsibility. The names listed above, with their beautiful meanings, offer a wealth of options for Muslim parents. We hope this comprehensive list helps you find the perfect name for your precious daughter.


What are some popular Muslim girl names?
Popular Muslim girl names include Fatima, Aisha, Maryam, Zainab, and Amina.

What is the importance of meanings in Muslim names?
In Islam, it’s recommended to choose names with good meanings as it can positively influence a child’s personality and life.

Can Muslim names be modern?
Yes, many modern Muslim names have beautiful meanings and are easy to pronounce, making them popular choices among parents.

Are there any names that are not recommended?
Names with negative meanings or those associated with deities from other religions are generally not recommended.

Can we choose names from other cultures?
Yes, as long as the name has a good meaning and is not contrary to Islamic beliefs, names from other cultures can be chosen.

What are some unique Muslim girl names?
Some unique names include Aabir, Bahameen, Dami, Eshaal, Farha, and Geti.

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