Top 200+ trending and beatiful Muslim boys name with meaning ( A to Z )

Finding the perfect Name for your baby boy can be a daunting task. With the growing diversity in religious beliefs, many parents are considering Muslim boys name for their newborns. This blog post will outline some popular Muslim boys’ names, explain their meaning, discuss how to select one, point out any commonalities, and explore the history of Muslim boys name. 

By the end of this post, you will be able to make an informed decision when choosing the right Name for your son.

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Introduction to Muslim Boys Name

Muslim boys names are often chosen with care, as they can be seen as a reflection of the family’s values, virtues and culture. Popular names for Muslim boys include Muhammad, Ali, Ahmad, Hassan, Omar, and Abdullah. These names are rooted in Arabic and carry special significance within the Islamic faith. Families can research the meanings and origins of names to make choosing a name for a baby boy easier. Additionally, some Muslim families may look to religious figures or family members for inspiration when choosing a name for their baby boy.

Here’s a short du’a we can recite asking Allah (swt) to grant you a blessed child:

رَبَّنَا ھَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّیَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْیُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِینَ إِمَامًا

“Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us a leader [i.e., example] for the righteous.” 

(Al-Furqan Verse 74 | 25:74)

A spiritual definition of the Arabic phrase “coolness to the eye” is “to provide pleasure, peace, or happiness.” This is a beautiful prayer that we should memorize in order to beg Allah (swt) for “coolness of the eyes” in the sight of our wives, our kids, and all future generations.

Meaning Behind Muslim Boys Name

Muslim boys names often have a special meaning behind them. Various sources, such as religious texts, Arabic tradition, and ancestors’ names, can inspire names. These meaningful names can provide insight into the family’s history and faith. Common examples of Muslim boy names include Abdullah, meaning “servant of God,” and Ali, meaning “exalted one.” When searching for a name for a Muslim boy, parents may want to consider its meaning and origin. Some names may be rooted in Islamic culture, while others may have come from other languages and cultures. It is important to consider the impact of the Name on the child’s identity and how others perceive it.

Selecting a Muslim Boys Name

Choosing a name for a Muslim boy can be difficult, as there are many traditions and cultural nuances to consider. It is important to note that the Name should have a significant spiritual meaning and reflect the family’s values. The Name should also be easy to pronounce and spell, which is important for the child’s identity. Additionally, it is important to consider the historical, cultural, and linguistic heritage associated with the Name. When selecting a Muslim boy’s Name, it is essential to consult a knowledgeable source to ensure it is appropriate and meaningful.

Some meaningful Muslim boys Name

ArhamMercy, Compassion, Kindness
AabanName of the angel
AabidWorshiper, One Who Worship Allah, God Knows
AadeelIt means ‘just’ or ‘upright’
AadhilA person who is virtuous with excellent character. Aadhil also means one whose actions are just and fair.
AaftabIt is used to mean the brilliance of the Sun
Aalima man of wise learning
AamanThe man who protects with no fear
AamirCivilized, Amply Settled, Prosperous, Full of life
AaqilA wise and intelligent person
AarifAcquainted, knowledgable
AarisThe brave character who stands up for his faith and belief
AarizRespectable man,intelligent
AaronExalted One, Enlightened, High Mountain
AasimShield, Protector, Guardian, Rescuer
AayanGod’s Gift, Manifest, Blessing
AbaanMountain’s Name, Clear, Name Of A Companion
AbbasDescription of a Lion, Stern, Serious Grim-Faced
Abdu LrazzadHe who obeys his provider
Abdu- RashidThe one who serves his teacher
AbdulServant of Allah
AbdullahServant Of Allah, Obedient, Name Of Prophet’s Father
AbeedAbeed means a slave or a worshipper of God
AbeerScent, Perfume, Fragrance
AbhaarGratitude or thankfulness
AbharThe one who is clever and and intellectual
AbidWorshipper of god
AbirAroma; Strong
AbrakThe blessed one
AbrarVirtuous, Pious, Great Man
Abu al KhayrOne who does good
Abu-TurabClay’s Father, An Attributive Of Caliph Ali
AbyanVery clean
AdanParadise, Heaven, Garden Of A Heaven
AddielA righteous man ; one who is fair and just
AdnanSettler, One Who Settle For A Long Time In A Place, Paradise
AdyanReligious, Pious, Creeds, Plural Of Deen
AfanTo Forgive, A Person Who Forgives, Modest
AhadOne, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For God
AhilEmperor, Ruler, Great Leader
AhmedPraiseworthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
AhnafThe straight path, worshiper of Allah
AhsanThe Best Of All, Better, Superior.
AhtishamGlory, honor, greatness
AliEminent, Noble, High In Rank
AmanSafety, Protection, Peace
AmmarLong-Lived, God-Fearing, Pious
AnasAffection, Love, Pleasant Companionship
ArabWish, Desire
ArafatMount Of Recognition
ArhamMercy, Compassion, Kindness
ArifKnowledgeable, Learned, Expert, Authority
ArishRighteous, Nobel, A Brave Solider
ArshadBetter Guided, Honest, Most Rightly Guided, Most Reasonable
ArshanStrong And Brave Man, A Character In Shahnameh (Kavous’ Brother)
ArslanLion, Brave Man, Warrior In Afghan
AryanWarrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya people
AsadLion, Virtuous, Fortunate
AsharWise, Prudent, One Who Has Wisdom, Liveliness
AsifForgiveness, Strong, Powerful, Fierce
AtifThe kind One, Kind Hearted, Compassionate
AyanGif Of God, Reward, Blessing
AyazCool Breeze, Night Breeze, A Servant Of Sultan Mehmood
BaahirDazzling; brilliant
BaashirA brave and loyal person
BadshahKing of luck
BaleeghThe name of Arbaic origin means ‘eloquent’, ‘complete’, ‘one who speaks wise and sensible words’.
BaqiIt means servant of the everlasting power
BaqirA learned man
BaqiyyaOne who is endure a lot
BaraatOne who is secure
BarakaatOne who is blessed with abundant prosperity
BardiaThe prince
BareedA messenger of good news
BarekOne who is noble
BarhiThanking the world
BarirHonest and faithful person
BarkatOne who is blessed and lucky
BarraqA boy who glows in glory
BashaarBringer of glad tidings
BasharaatA person who is shrewd in business
BashirOne who gives good tidings
BashiratAn intelligent and prudent person
BashsharBringer of glad tidings
BasiratOne who observes his surroundings well
BijanThe hero
BilaalName of the prophet’s muezzin
BilalMoistening, The Prophet’s Companion
DanishKnowledge, Wisdom, Consciousness, Intellect
DaniyalIntelligent Man, A Famous Intellectual, Name Of Prophet
FahadPanther, Leopard, Strong, Fast
FaisalDecisive, Judge, Authority, Arbitrator
FaizVictorious, Conquering, Triumphant
FaizanGreat Beneficence, Charity, Favor, Graceful Man
FarhanHappiness, Laughter, Happy, Cheerful Boy
HadiGuide, Leader, God’s Sanctuary Name, Mentor
HaiderLion, Virtuous, Fortunate, Brave Man
HamdanPraise Worthy, The Praised One, Variation Of The Name “Muhammad”
HammadPraised, Admirable, One Who Praises
HamzaLion, Competent, Brazen, Brave man
HanzalahPond, Water, Ditch, name of companion on Prophet
HarisVigilant, Watchman, Cultivator, Agnomen Of Lion
HasanBeautiful, Gentle, Handsome Man, Grandson Of Prophet
HashirOne Who Assemble, Collector, Prophet’s Name
HassanHandsome, Good, Benefactor
HunainName of a valley between at-Taif and Mecca
HusnainElegant, Handsome Boy, Combined Name Of Prophet’s Grandsons
HussainGood, Handsome, Beautiful
HuzaifaWise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name Of Prophet’s Companion
HuzaifaWise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name Of Prophet’s Companion
IbrahimIntimate friend, Father Of Multitude, Prophet’s Name
ImranHappiness, Prosperity, Great pleasure, Exalted Nation
IrfanThankfulness. Knowledge. Wisdom.
IrtazaFavorite, Chosen, Pleased, Satisfied
IslamPeace, Peaceful, Very Safe
IsmailHeard by God, Gift from God, A Meaningful smile
IzhaanSubmission, Obedience, Follower of God’s Rules
JavedAlive, Living
JunaidA Sufi Saint, Spiritual, Young Fighter, Warrior
KabirGreat, Aged, Senior, Venerable, Reverend, Respected
KaifPleasure, Spirit, Exhilaration, A State Of Joy
KashifReveler, Explainer, Discovered
KiyanBeing, Existence, Essence, Surname Of Persian King
MaazBrave Man, Refuge, Shelter, Companion Of Prophet
MeharCourtesy of God
MohsinGentle, Humanitarian, Benefactor, doer of good deeds
MoizHonorable, Respectful, One Who Gives Protection, Allah’s Name
MuhammadAppreciated, Name Of The Last Prophet Of Allah (SWT)
MurshadSpiritual Guide, Preacher, Cleric, Advisor
MuslimSubmitting Oneself To Allah
MustafaChosen, One Of Prophet Mohammed’S Names
NadeemVariant Of Nadim: Companion, Confidant, Friend, Repentant. Regretful
NihalRomantic, Joyful, Newly Planted tree, young tree
NomanBlood, Advice Counselor, Men With Blessings Of Allah
OwaisFearless, Experienced Person, Companion of Prophet
RakibServant of the Observer, servant of Allah, controller, supervisor
RaqeebRival, Competitor, contender, Challenger
RashidRightly guided, Having the true faith, wise, judicious
RayanSoft touch, Fresh, paradise gate
RehanScented, Fragrance, A Fragrant Plant
RizwanAcceptance, Good Will, Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven
RohaanAs Pure Spirit, Spiritual, Kindhearted, Compassionate
SaadFelicity. Good Fortune. Good Luck.
SafwanRock, Bright, Pure, Cloudless Day
SahilRiverbank, Coast, Shore, Guide, Leader
SaifSword, Sabre, symbolic Of Liberty and Strength
SajidOne Who Prostrates, One Who Is A Devout Worshiper Of Allah,
SalimSafe or undamaged
Salmansafe, secure, peace, Companion, Especially Of Prophet Muhammad
SamarFruit, Outcome, Conversation During The Nights Of The Desert
SameerJovial, Beneficial, Entertaining Companion, Good Friend
SaqibBrightness, Glittering, Shining Brightly, Sharp
SarfarazKing, Respected, Blessed, Dignified, Having Honor
SarimBrave, Courageous, Sharp Sword
ShahbazHawk, Brave boy
ShahidWitness, Observer, bystander, Beloved
ShahzaibCrown Of A King, Like A King
ShahzainBrave, Good Adornment & Skillful
ShayanWorthy, Deserving, Meriting
ShoaibWho Shows The Right Path, A Guide, Name Of Prophet
SohailShining Star, Gentle, Ease
SubhanSupremacy of Allah, Holy, Praised, glory, purity
SufianFast Moving, Light, Nimble, Companion Of Prophet
TahaPure, Mystic, Name Of a Surah, Prophet’s Name
TahirPure, Clean, Chaste
TaimoorSelf-Made, (made of) Steel, Strong
TalhaKind Of A Tree, Fruitful Tree From Heaven, Companion’s Name
TauseefPraiser, Statement Glimmer Quality
UmairLife, Long-Lived, Intelligent Man
UmarName Of The Second Caliph
UsamaLion, Feline Predator, Brave
UsmanWise, Most Powerful
UzairThe Biblical Ezra Is The English Language Equivalent
WaqarDignity, Sobriety, Majesty, Veneration, Dignity, Gracefulness.
WaqasSolider, Warrior, Warlike, Combatant
ZahidDevout, Ascetic. One Who Renounces The World And Is Fully Devoted To Allah
ZaidGrowth, Progress, Increment, Superabundance, Addition
ZainBeauty, Adornment, Graceful Boy
ZayanBeautiful, Hospitable, Graceful
ZeeshanThe Glory, Magnificent, High In Dignity
ZubairStrong, firm, powerful, intelligent, wise

Commonalities Among Muslim Boys Name

Muslim boys names have many commonalities when compared to one another. These commonalities often include the use of Arabic words, such as “Abd” (Servant), “Al” (the) and “Muhammad” (praiseworthy). Other common elements are the inclusion of the words “Ahmad” (most praised) and “Ali” (exalted one). Additionally, many names include religious words such as “Salam” (peace), “Hussein” (good) and “Ibrahim” (father of many). As names often reflect the family’s cultural and religious background, these commonalities among Muslim boys’ names demonstrate the strong sense of identity and belonging that many Muslim families share.

History of Muslim Boys Name

The history of Muslim boys names is interesting, as the religion and culture of Islam have shaped it. Muslim boys’ names often reflect Islamic values, such as the importance of family and the strength of faith. Names also often include prayers, such as “Al-Hafiz”, which means “protector”. These names have been used for centuries and have become a part of the Muslim culture. Muslim boys’ names can also be inspired by nature, such as “Sahil”, which means “shore”, or “Arsh”, which means “throne”. They can also be inspired by famous figures, such as “Muhammad”, the Prophet’s name. There are many options available for Muslim parents looking to give their sons a name that reflects the religion and culture of Islam.

Finding the perfect Name for your newborn baby boy is a special moment in a parent’s life. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, meaningful, or modern Muslim boys  Name, this article will provide you with some of the most popular, unique, and contemporary Muslim boys’ names with meanings. Here we will explore five categories – Popular Muslim Boys’ Names, Unique Muslim Boys’ Names, Traditional Muslim Boys’ Names, Meaningful Muslim Boys’ Names, and Contemporary Muslim Boys’ Names –give you the information you need to make the best choice for your little one.

Popular Muslim Boys Name

Finding a suitable name for a newborn baby is a difficult decision for parents that takes much thought and consideration. The choice of a name for a Muslim baby boy is even more important as the Name should be in line with the Islamic faith. Popular Muslim boys’ names can be found in the Qur’an, the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him), and other Islamic sources. Names such as Ibrahim (Abraham), Ali (the Prophet’s son-in-law), Ali (the fourth caliph of Islam), Khalid (eternal), Hassan (handsome), and Muhammad (Praised one) are all popular names among Muslim parents. Many other names are unique and meaningful in their own right, which can be found by researching Islamic sources. Parents should take their time and consider all of their options when selecting a name for their son to ensure that they choose a name that is meaningful to them and their faith.

Unique Muslim Boys Name

Finding the perfect Name for a newborn Muslim boy can be challenging. With so many unique and beautiful names to choose from, it cannot be easy to find the perfect one. Muslim boys names are derived from the many languages spoken throughout the Islamic world, ranging from classic Arabic names to more modern Turkish and Persian names. These names reflect the values and culture of the Islamic world and can be a great way to show respect for your child’s heritage. When selecting a name for your son, it is important to consider the meaning of the Name and how it fits with your family’s values and beliefs. Whether you choose a classic or more modern Muslim boy’s Name, it will surely be a source of pride and joy for your family.

Traditional Muslim Boys Name

Muslim boys names are an integral part of their culture and heritage. With a long and rich history of Islamic tradition, traditional Muslim boys’ names are deeply rooted in the faith and culture. Popular names often reflect virtues and characteristics associated with the Prophet Muhammad and his teachings, such as ‘Abdullah’, meaning ‘Servant of Allah’, and ‘Muhammad’, meaning ‘praised one’. Other names may be drawn from well-known figures or places in Islamic histories, such as Umar, meaning ‘prosperous’, and Ali, meaning ‘exalted’. Whatever the choice, selecting a Muslim name for a child is an important and meaningful decision for parents.

Meaningful Muslim Boys Name

Finding a meaningful name for a baby boy can be a daunting task. Muslim parents look to the Qur’an and Sunnah for guidance when selecting a name for their son. There are many inspiring names, each with a rich history and significance. Examples of popular meaningful Muslim boys’ names include Abdullah, Muhammad, Ali, Omar, Hassan, and Ahmad. Each of these names has a special meaning and history, making them perfect choices for Muslim boys. With so many beautiful names, Muslim parents can honour their faith traditions while selecting a name that specialises to their family.

Contemporary Muslim Boys Name

Choosing a name for your Muslim baby boy can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. There are many unique and meaningful names to choose from in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and other languages. Popular contemporary Muslim boy names include Abdullah, Ali, Omar, and Ahmad, all of which have strong roots in Islamic tradition. They can also signify qualities such as strength, wisdom, and beauty. Other names like Mustafa, Yusuf, and Muhammad are timeless choices and carry great respect in many Muslim communities. With so many amazing options, it’s important to research each Name to determine the best fit for your son.


Selecting a Muslim boys Name can be an important and meaningful decision for a family. Popular Muslim boy names can provide a starting point, and there is also a wealth of meaning and history to explore when considering a name. It is worth reflecting on commonalities among Muslim boys’ names, such as using Arabic words, to ensure a meaningful and appropriate name is chosen. With a bit of research and thought, a beautiful Muslim boy’s Name can be found to honor and reflect the importance of the baby boy’s life.

In conclusion, many options are available when choosing a Muslim boy’s Name. Popular, traditional, unique, meaningful, and contemporary names are all viable choices. It is important to consider the meaning of the Name, as well as its cultural significance. With the right Name, your son can carry it proudly and make it their own.

FAQ – Muslim Boys Name

Which Islamic name is best for boys?

Ahmad and Mohammad are two popular name for boys

What is the most powerful name of a boy in Islam?

The most powerful and honorable name of a boy in Islam is Muhammad, which means “the praised one” and is derived from the Arabic root “hamd” meaning “praise.” The name is of great significance in the Islamic faith and is widely used throughout the Muslim world.

What is a muslim name of boy which means intelligent?

In Islamic culture, the name “Aariz” is traditionally given to a boy which means “intelligent”.

What are the rules for naming a baby boy in Islam?

In Islam, there are no specific guidelines for naming a baby boy. However, it is preferred to give the child a good and meaningful name, one that has a pleasant meaning. Muslims typically choose names that are derived from Arabic, since the Quran is written in Arabic. It is also encouraged to choose a name that carries a positive message.

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